Process of commissioning an artwork from Raw Prawn Art Studio


Commissioning an artwork


The process of commissioning an artwork or a series of marine illustrations is simple. E-mail us to begin a discussion about your ideas and how and where you plan to use the finished art. For us to accurately scope and define your needs it is essential to have open dialogue at the start of a project. Our experienced team can help you clarify the type of work and design style you require.


The two main types of commissions that we commonly deal with are:

  • series of illustrations for agencies and authors; and
  • private commissions for one-off original artworks.


Things to consider

Raw Prawn Art Studio previously commissioned artworks

It is important to think about your preferred design style for the artwork. Many variations are possible including: photographic realism, line art, graphical representation, explanatory, colourful, subtle and so on. Our gallery of previous pieces may help you choose a preferred style or provide a starting point.

Sharing pictures and other examples of the style you have in mind will ensure we have a clear understanding of your vision from the start. If you are unsure of what will work best, we can draw on our broad experience to advise and help you define your thoughts according to how the image/s are to be used. This early specification of design type is essential to ensure your satisfaction with the finished art.

The drafting stage is when we capture your vision on paper or digitally and ensure it fully matches your expectations. We produce a number of preliminary images and iterate and modify the design/s until you are fully satisfied. This stage is so important because once the artwork moves from the drafting to creation phase it is difficult to make any significant changes.

By following this staged process of taking a full design brief and clarifying your vision during the drafting stage, we can best ensure your total satisfaction with the finished piece/s.

$ Cost

Each of our commissioned items is different and is tailor-made to your requirements. Therefore, we need to understand the following in order to provide you with a formal quote:

  • extent of research needed
  • design complexity
  • number of images
  • your deadline
  • how you plan to use the images
  • required medium (eg digital or physical)
  • finished size of an original piece
  • cost of delivery of an original artwork

Contact us for an estimated cost range for the commission you have in mind.

© Copyright

Copyright is an artist’s right to the exclusive ownership of artistic effort. This right is known and respected throughout the world.

Copyright in all art and images produced by the artists at Raw Prawn Art Studio belongs exclusively to Raw Prawn Art Studio, unless licensed to a third party via a licensing agreement. Copyright can be fully transferred from Raw Prawn Art Studio but will be conditional upon specified limited usage of the work and a commensurate cost. In addition, Raw Prawn Art Studio will retain the right to use the image for promotional purposes.

If you wish to reproduce all or any part of an artwork or digital image from Raw Prawn Art Studio, our website or any other promotional materials, please contact us. Written permission from the current copyright holder must be obtained prior to reproduction.

Electronic images for multiple use.

Raw Prawn Art Studio can create digital illustrations and artworks for multiple use. The details of usage are agreed at the beginning of the commission process and are specified in the copyright license agreement, which is attached to and forms part of our quote. We are happy to discuss the terms of the agreement until both parties are satisfied. By accepting the quote, the customer also accepts the terms of the licensing agreement. A copy of the final copyright license agreement will be provided to the customer on our satisfactory completion of the project.

Our standard copyright license agreement provides licensees the non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable right to use the commissioned images. Images can be reproduced in printed publications, in digital media and in presentations for educational and non-commercial purposes.

Please contact us if you would like more information about how you can use any artwork you commission.

Original artwork

When you commission an original piece of art, the physical artwork is yours to keep, but the copyright in the image will not transfer to you unless a different arrangement was agreed at the outset. Therefore, only Raw Prawn Art Studio has the right to reproduce and use the image of the finished painting and all preliminary sketches and studies carried out during the drafting stage. Please contact Raw Prawn Art Studio for further details.

Next Step

Please contact us for further details on our services. We are always happy to chat about your ideas and discuss details of design, publication and costs. We look forward to working with you in the future!
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