Raw Prawn Art Studio is Australian-owned and is based in Tasmania, Australia and Singapore.

Our artworks embrace the natural beauty of fish and other marine-life, and are lovingly and accurately produced, showing all their detailed splendour while maintaining a artistic quality. At Raw Prawn Art Studio we bring together our passion for the marine environment with our scientific backgrounds to create beautiful artworks that also provide details for identification.

All our artists have a keen interest in environmental issues and fisheries management. Our artworks are often commissioned by organisations that share our enthusiasms and are proactive in promoting the long-term sustainable use of marine resources.

We are proud that many of our illustrations have been used in educational and promotional material aimed at encouraging sustainable fishing practices and other measures to protect the marine environment.

We would be delighted to create marine-inspired artworks for you or your agency.

Commissioning an artwork from Raw Prawn Art Studio

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Previously commissed artworks by Raw Prawn Art Studio

To ensure our style suits your needs, please view the samples of previously commissioned work. Some of the artworks are available for non-exclusive use.

Raw Prawn Art Studio art shop

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Raw Prawn Art Studio founding artist Sandra Sharma

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